Another Passion – called LIFE!

For awhile, I was so focused on becoming a good SLP.  There was so much to learn, so much to know about this field.  Every year, I was researching something new (i.e. serving a Severe/Profound classroom, the effects of AAE dialect on literacy, selective mutism, etc.).  It kept things interesting but it was also pretty tiresome.

This past year, I was in the worst “valley” of my career.  I stopped creating TPT products and writing blog posts.  I just wasn’t “feelin’ it”.  I didn’t have those sparks of creativity at the most random moments. like I usually did.  Maybe this was a coincidence, maybe not.  I tried to post a lot during Sept – Dec but then I became disinterested.  This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; we probably all go through it.

I was tired of my career...until Beachbody changed my life!

Fortunately, in January, my passion was awakened!  I began working out (yes, I had motivation…I wanted to look amazing, in Greece, in June, when I would be marrying my best friend.  I had a GOAL!).  Needless to say, Beachbody changed my life!  Confession:  It did take my cousin, whom is also my Beachbody coach, over a year of consistent messaging to finally convince me how awesome this business was.  After a year of her support, I dusted off my credit card and bought my first Beachbody program.  Then my husband bought one.  I liked his better (wink wink) so I started doing Body Beast.  Something clicked, I fell in love.  The MOTIVATION light bulb burned brightly and I worked out 4-5 days/week.  My body was changing; my husband noticed (and complimented) and I was even getting compliments on my fantastic, beastly arms, HAHA!  Not too beastly y’all!

Check out my FB page!  This page will cover the many layers of life.  Love, beauty, entertainment, etc. but mostly Health and Fitness!

Then, in May, I put on my Superwoman cape as the passion was further ignited and I became a Beachbody coach.  Note:  This is your cue to ask…”Right before your wedding?”.  Yup, that’s right?  Hey, I work in the school system.  I needed something to keep me busy for the ENTIRE summer.  But…it’s more than that.  I’m happy, I’m motivated, I’m psyched, I’m pumped.  Whatever you want to call it…I was ready to start inspiring people to feel good about themselves just like my cousin helped me.

I can help you to achieve your Fitness Goals!  Check out my BB page and click Join or Contact me

The next step was to create a FB page.  We all love FB…and Pinterest…and Instagram; it’s a Social Media world out there, YIKES!  But I enjoy it.  I’m educating myself while educating others.  How could I pass up this win-win?!

Check out my FB page!  I'm here to help you achieve your Fitness goals!

And finally, I’m connecting it to my blog…my speech blog.  I’m hoping that this new found passion will help to “stir up” my love for my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  I’m sure it will always be my first love…but I’m happy to have found another 🙂


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