Easter AAC Activity

ideas for push-in speech therapy in a self-contained class

Serving my severe-profound classroom at my Elementary school can be challenging.

It’s hard to come up with ideas to do with these students!

So…do you do push-in or pull-out therapy?

I try my hardest to do push-in therapy when serving children in a self-contained classroom.


Let me count the ways…


So, I was searching for a cooking activity and a repetitive line story

Spring-themed, Easter-themed…WHATEVER, something fun!

Well, I got that creative itch and just started a-scratching

and CREATED this lovely activity.  Find it HERE.

I had 3 other adults to help me with the 7 students in the room (only 3 are mobile)….these children are very involved.

Take a look!

Easter Interactive Book - Great for use with AAC and/or Preschool speech/language therapy

I decided to create my own Repetitive Line Story but also wanted it to be INTERACTIVE.

The children can push the BigMack when you cue them in by saying “Easter, Easter…”

To make it Interactive (to catch their attention), the children can match the pictures to the pages.

Easter Interactive book for Speech/Language therapy

I found this adorable, easy-to-follow Easter-themed cooking activity.

Find it HERE.

I would’ve done a sequencing activity with this after we made the nests;

however, that was just too difficult for my kiddos.

easy cooking activity - great for use with AAC in speech therapycomment

I have two students that I am recommending a speech output device for.

I began using PECS with them and they picked it up quickly.

In the meantime, I am using the Sounding Board app.  It is FREE!!!!

My "in the meantime" communication app

It is kind of a pain to program…but I want my students COMMUNICATING.

Here is what I created for the cooking activity.

Cooking activity with Sounding Board app

I left the teachers with some Extension Activities…which they very much appreciated!

Who doesn’t like someone helping them plan?!

comp pattern

And last but not least, I included another EXTENSION activity – a painting/coloring activity.

In this TPT product, I also provided links to YouTube music videos for the students…

ya know, the classics…Here Comes Peter Cottontail…The Way the Bunny Hops, etc.

What are your favorite Easter activities?

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