Winter Themes – speech therapy

We had so much fun in Preschool today!

Our Theme was “GINGERBREAD”.

Gingerbread Theme for Winter:  Speech Therapy

We did 3 activities in 30 minutes!

I often feel like I can’t spend TOO MUCH TIME on ONE thing because

preschoolers have SHORT attention spans!

Holla if ya hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st Activity:  Gingerbread BOOK

Winter theme:  Gingerbread - 3 activities to use in speech therapy

Lately I have steered away from using books in therapy

because they don’t seem to keep the attention of my preschoolers.

HOWEVER, every child seems to love a Peek-a-boo BOOK!

We worked on Answering Questions, labeling vocabulary, pointing, listening, etc.!

Books have so many opportunities for communication!

2nd Activity:  Gingerbread Craft

Speech therapy:  Ideas for Gingerbread activity/Winter theme

This was a quick activity and kept their attention.

Goals targeted: 

Labeling/identifying body parts, following directions, answering questions, taking turns, sequencing, counting, colors, communicative intentions (requesting assistance, requesting objects, directing activity, etc.)

3rd Activity:  Gingerbread FREE App

Come check out what goals we targeted in speech therapy with this free app

Head over to Excuse My Speech BLOG to check out our Gingerbread Theme for Winter!

What Winter or Gingerbread activities have you done?!


4 thoughts on “Winter Themes – speech therapy

  1. Hi Alexis, Mark Nolan from – I have nominated you for a WordPress Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I admire the work you do in speech therapy and would to see your blog acknowledged. Keep up the great work you do. I grew up with a stutter and spent 3-4 years in speech therapy from the age of 4. I still have awkward but funny moments and have written posts about these but i was able to overcome all obstacles and my stutter faded into the background, and for the past 40 years it has not been an issue. I have a lot of respect for speech pathology and people like yourself who dedicate themselves to helping others. There are rules for nominations, if you don’t know these are you can check my last blog post where I had to list them! Good luck with all that you, kind regards, Mark

    • Mark,

      Your comment really touched my heart. I work with preschool and elementary-aged children now so I often do not get this gratitude. I very much appreciate your nomination and will definitely check out your blog. I am glad that your stutter has faded and that it has not been an issue. I cannot imagine the struggle (if any) that a person who stutters has to experience. Talk to you soon – Alexis

      • When you grow up with a stutter you don’t really know anything different, and I just got on with life, but I’ve had some very funny incidents. I have only posted 3 stuttering stories – red locomotive and my first post “when you say the word country”, and the cone of silence. Thanks for your kind reply!

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