A whole week of “A Little Bit of Awesome!” #8 – Project SLP


Instead of posting so many separate pics and “days of awesome”,

I decided to do a WHOLE WEEK!!!

I’m doing this “PROJECT” because sometimes it’s so easy to be negative about life.

It’s nice to appreciate the little things.

I remind myself to COUNT MY BLESSINGS!

I hope that this can inspire you to bring some OPTIMISM into your life as well.


Head on over to ExcuseMySpeech.com to check out "A Little Bit of Awesome" from my day

My days of Awesome include:

Spending time tiring my pups out.  They’ve got a lot of energy!

My fiance offering to wash my car for me.

A whole Teacher Workday to complete Progress reports with Snacks and Music.

Representing my sports team of choice (New England Patriots) at school on Sports Day.

What do you do to remember to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS?!

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