Fall THEMES (Halloween)


Yikes, sorry this is posted with not very much time

before Halloween but I didn’t want to post TOO EARLY!

Since I work in a preschool now, I feel like I have to get those lil buggers moving!

*Please watch the YouTube videos prior to showing them*

1)  YouTube Video


 (**Click on the picture above to link to YouTube video**)

dance man

2)  YouTube Video


(**Click on the picture to link to YouTube video**)


(click on picture below to go to speechtherapyideas.com and print out the picture

to aide with story retell or to complete sequencing activity)

carving a pumpkin link

2a)  Crafts

With the pumpkins, we targeted the Concepts of Big/Small and Same/Different.

pump craft

I got the candy corn idea from Jenn @ http://crazyspeechworld.com/

My students actually thought we’d be making candy

when I said that we’d be making Candy Corns LOL 🙂

 candy corn speech

And I’m hopping on the “Go Away Big Green Monster” bandwagon below.

We targeted first words, two-word phrases, body parts,

answering questions, and following directions with this book/craft activity.



**Something that I did not do but wish I had…

halloween balloon pop

**Idea from speechladyliz – Click on pic to link to her page*


  • **The YouTube videos are appropriate for school use; however, the ads that pop up when you pull up the video may not be. Please use EXTREME caution when pulling up the videos and viewing them with your students. Please screen each video before you show it to the students.  I have previewed the videos before linking them to this site; however, the authors are in control of the content of the video and could possibly alter them.  The videos should be screened to determine their appropriateness for each student.
  • **You will need access to YouTube in order to view the videos.  Please make sure your school does not block this site.

What Halloween fun have you had in therapy?!

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