A Little Bit of Awesome! #6 – Project SLP (Sign Language)

This year, I work at a preschool.

One of my new experiences this year is working with a CODA.  A say WHATA?!  I didn’t know this term, CODA, until I did some research on my client.  Whenever I come across something new, I MUST RESEARCH IT.  So what is a CODA you ask?

C – Child

O – Of a

D – Deaf

A – Adult

Her first language is ASL (American Sign Language).  How cool is that?  Fortunately we have a Sign Language Interpreter at school…but the child is often absent 😦  The first few times I worked with her, she was very quiet.  I decided to brush up on my signs and I used some in therapy, she was much more expressive and participated more.  I SO look forward to working with her!!!!  I’m excited to use sign but also excited to help her bridge this language gap/barrier…


Sign Language - How I discovered the field of speech-language pathology - Project SLP "A Little Bit of Awesome"

Sign Language is how I fell in LOVE with the field of speech-language pathology!!!!!!!

I took a sign language course in community college and stumbled upon this amazing field that I LOVE!  Although this field is tough and tiresome (especially with the paperwork), I LOVE WORKING WITH KIDDOS and helping them to become better communicators.


IMO (In my opinion), even if you don’t know a lot of signs, you can use some to help your limited verbal/nonverbal kiddos start to communicate.  I stick with using “help”, “I want”, “play”, “more” (somewhat “iffy” on this one), and “finished”.  SOME sign can go a long way.



Playing with Words 365 blog

Baby Sign Language on YouTube (the parents of a student with autism that I worked with showed me these videos by Patty Shukla, her voice and the background of the video was peaceful:)

Signing Time

Speech Room News (post about working with children with hearing loss – “What doesn’t Jenna Rayburn write about?”- She’s amazing!)


Readers, how did you discover the field of speech-language pathology?

One thought on “A Little Bit of Awesome! #6 – Project SLP (Sign Language)

  1. Total accident! I was looking for a major in college (I was at the end of my sophomore year) & stumbled on it. I knew it was for me the first time I got a patient in the clinic to say his sound right!

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