A Little Bit of Awesome! #3 – Project SLP (Frozen Yogurt)

I realize that I will not be able to post every single day or not even every single WORK day but I’m going to try and post to this Project AS MUCH AS I CAN!  

Since I have started working for a new school district, I’ve had to jump through some new hoops!

Ok, the typical hoops that you jump through when starting a new job (i.e. Benefits meetings, Orientation, Safe Training, etc.).

So yesterday I had to get a TB skin test.  OUCH!!!!  JK, it wasn’t that bad.



As I was on my way to Urgent Care, I passed by TCBY.

MMMMMMMMMM Frozen Yogurt!

Did I stop to get some?

You bet your bottom dollar I did!

Do I have an Instagram of my yogurt?


So I’ll post this one 🙂

Are you an SLP?!  Do you have some AWESOME from your day to share?!  Excusemyspeech.com

Do you have A Little Bit of Awesome from your day to share?

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