My Favorite SLP Blogs

Time to give a SHOUT OUT

to the SLP blogs that I frequent!

blog fever

Speech Room News

Have you heard of Jenna Rayburn over at Speech Room News?

Her brain needs to get in my brain!

Her TPT is booming with materials for a variety of Therapy Topics.

Jenna’s Book Companions are my favorite!

Follow along with her Linky Parties – such an amazing way to connect SLPs.


Super Power Speech

Who doesn’t want to have SUPER POWERS?!

CC  gives SLPs a way to feel proud of our title.

(“I help people communicate.  What’s your super power?)

My favorite TPT products of hers are the Language Packs that have 3 Levels.


Allison's speech peeps

I jog over to this blog when I’m wanting information or ideas related to

what students do in school.

Her Reader’s Theater for Articulation is on my Wish List.

She even does Intervention in the Classroom!


 mommy speech

This is an awesome blog for Articulation Materials.

There are free worksheets so many phonemes in ALL word positions as well as a FREE Articulation Screener!

Mommy Speech has saved me from time to time when I don’t have my artic materials handy!


playing with words

This blog has great resources for Early Intervention.

I also go to this blog when I want to send home resources to parents.


Praactical aac

 I have come to love AAC and this website has helped to change the way I do therapy with my students who use AAC.

I recommend their Video of the Week and the Strategy of the Month.



So many useful tips under Therapy Documents.

Have a child with phonological processes?  Need to utilize and understand The Cycles Approach?  GO HERE!!!


Jill Kuzma

JACKPOT for materials for Social Skills!!!

She even has a goal bank for Social Language, Organization, and Written Language Skills.

And to get your kids to have some fun in therapy, use her suggested YouTube video links!


speecy musings

Shannon keeps us up-to-date on Evidence-Based Interventions.

Using the iPad?  Check out her reviews for apps.


sublime speech

Danielle’s blog is easy to read, very visually appealing!

Check out her TPT store for Free Bulletin Board ideas which are motivating for students!

She is also a YappGuru.  Don’t know what that is?  Well, go check her out!



Having a twin in the same profession that can help

double the brain power and most likely double the productivity, SO NOT FAIR, lol!

These ladies are often so generous with their TPT products.

I must say that I love that they focus on Literacy.

Apraxia seems to be one of their strong suits as well.

**I have listed more “Great Blogs to Follow” on the left side of my blog **

question m

What SPEECH BLOGS are you obsessed with?!

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