Skilled Interventions 101

Ok, I know I learned about these in grad school…but refresh my memory!

I REALLY wanted to write this post because I see the word

Skilled Intervention almost EVERY DAY at work.

I also tried doing a google search and it was not easy to find information.

Skilled Intervention Techniques for Speech-Language Pathology

What are they?

Skilled Service: Service that is sufficiently complex in nature to require the knowledge and training of a professional.

(Definition from HERE.  More Complex Definition related to Medicare found HERE.)

Skilled Intervention:  Therapy Techniques



only the SLP can do it…not a teacher, not a parent, not the child…only YOU!!!

Why would you be providing services if you weren’t needed?

Skilled Services of an SLP

 Why do we need ’em?

1.  When writing POCs

2. When documenting services/obtaining payment for services

3.  When conducting therapy


Examples of Skilled Interventions

Articulation/Phonological Techniques: Auditory discrimination Training, Cycles Approach, Minimal Pairs, Drill, Guided Practice

Autism Techniques:  Visual Schedules, PECS, Discrete Trial, ABA techniques

Language Therapy Techniques:  Chaining, Cloze procedures, Expansion, Mand-model approach

Pragmatics:  Role Play, Scripting, Guided Rehearsal

Stuttering Techniques:  Fluency Shaping/Modification, Negative Practice, DAF, Rate control

Voice Therapy Techniques:  Chant talk, Vocal Hygiene, Yawn Sigh


Cueing Techniques:  Tactile, Written Cues, Minimal-Moderate-Maximal cueing, Prompting Hierarchy

Therapy Methods: Structured Teaching, Cued Speech, Realia, Caregiver Education


More found HERE (scroll down, look for Skilled Intervention)

 Helpful Resource found HERE.


What this makes me think of?



ASHA has a Compendium of EBP.

This list is helpful when looking up research regarding specific techniques/methods of intervention.

Guidelines for use of therapy techniques are categorized into

Highly Recommended, Recommended with Provisos, or Not Recommended.


More Info:  

EBP briefs found HERE.

Continuing Education for EBP found HERE

If you are nerdy like me, check out this resource!
handbook ebp






question m  Do you have any helpful information to share regarding Skilled Interventions?!

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