Conversation Starters – SLPs make you talk

Welcome to Humorous Hump Day, post #2.

pic cards make u talk

Mwahahahaha!!!  Aren’t we great at getting kids to talk?…well, most kids!

I’m going to keep this SHORT and SWEET.

I thought I would share how I get kids talking in Social Skills groups and with my kids who stutter and have articulation errors.  I often run out of ideas when my artic kiddos and students who stutter begin using their targets in conversation.  So…here goes!

#1 – Conversation Starters

My Free TPT product

Conversation Starters -  A game to get your students talking!  Free TPT product


Perfect to get the ball rolling!

There is also a Self-evaluation sheet for your pragmatic students whom are able (or are learning) to self-monitor.



#2 – The Ungame

Another special education teacher had this and used it during our social skills group that we co-facilitated together.  They have a teen, family, and kids version.  We used the teen game in our Middle School group.  What a great resource!  It helped me to…

1)      Get to know the children on a different level.

2)      Create new ideas for social groups after things that come up in the discussion.

3)      Discover a social skills lesson appropriate for the Middle School level.

question m

What activities do you do to get your students talking?


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